Behind the Scenes of the Ragtime Orchestra

Ragtime performances are going strong from now through March 3! Here is a peek behind the scenes at my home away from home for the next month.

My spot is all set up with a microphone, stand light, my shelf for oboe and English horn reeds, and my instrument stand. To my right is a personal sound mixing system to control what I hear in the headphones. I usually wear the right ear covered to hear the other instruments, especially keyboards and vocals. Then my left ear is uncovered to be able to tune and blend with the woodwinds around me. You can see how the orchestra is on stage but behind the set, with the wall of the theater to my right. That means the orchestra is amplified out to the audience and singers on stage. The singers and conductor can’t communicate so there are cameras – one for the stage to see the conductor and for him to see the action on stage.

There are so many working pieces to a large production like this and it is so fun to be a part of it! Tickets available at

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