Certificate of Merit 2020

I would like to extend an invitation to any motivated students to participate in the Music Teachers Association of California’s Certificate of Merit program.  Some of you may have heard of this program from other instruments – this will be the sixth year my oboe students may participate after great success and growth in the previous years.  Certificate of Merit (CM for short) is a performance and study program designed to grow with the students to give them performance experience and to help make a more well rounded musician.  It involves a performance of prepared technique (scales, etc), sight reading, and solo literature.
I may have already mentioned this to your child at a recent lesson.  Please discuss this with your child and let me know by October 21 if you think your child would like to participate.  That will give us enough time to choose an appropriate evaluation level before the deadline of October 31.  The actual evaluations take place in late February/early March 2020.  

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