Keeping healthy AFTER being sick

This is a friendly reminder not to forget about killing any germs on your child’s instrument and

reeds following illness.

There are many ways reed players go about sterilyzing their reeds.  

You can purchase products like Sterisol that are made to disinfect reeds and mouthpieces without harming the cane.

Others soak reeds in hydrogen peroxide or bleach in a 1 part to 9 parts water solution, with a LOT of rinsing afterwards.  I am concerned about this being possibly too strong for the reeds.  I personally use original Listerine that is slightly watered down.

I am a fanatic about using Purell or other hand sanitizer.  For germs on the instrument, I put some waterless alcohol based hand sanitizer on my hands and then rub on the instrument.  Then I wipe off any excess with a towel and proceed to clean the silver with a silver cleaning cloth.

Whatever you use, let’s be sure to reduce the chance of prolonged exposure and possible recontamination by sterilizing in some way!

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