Updates from the pit of Beauty and the Beast!

As I write this there are nine performances left of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast the musical in La Mirada. It has been a great couple of weeks, and there are still opportunities to see the show if interested. http://lamiradatheatre.com/

I wanted to give a peek of what it has been like in the pit for this run. The set up is close quarters but not as cramped as other set ups. As you can see, the three woodwind chairs are quite close together. The flute/piccolo chair is to my left, and the clarinet/bass clarinet/flute chair is to my right. When the flute is playing you can see how her flute is basically in my lap! Amazingly I have only bumped her flute once! Behind us is the crash pad for Gaston when he falls off the edge of the stage at the end of the show. It’s been a wonderful experience and a lot of fun!

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