Private Instruction

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Oboe and English Horn private lessons, beginning to advanced

Professional Oboe/ English horn player with Masters degree from New England Conservatory available to teach lessons for all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, you will find a teaching quality that is personalized to meet your specific needs.

My degree in Education was one way for me to demonstrate my love for teaching; my favorite way is by teaching private lessons. I recommend that all students, no matter what instrument or age level, begin taking lessons with a professional of that instrument as soon as possible. This will allow the student to learn good habits and techniques the first time, under the care of a teacher. All students of mine will be able to see my dedication to their individual growth and joy of learning. If you are just beginning your musical journey, or would like to relearn the musical foundations, please contact me for scheduling a lesson. Help with reeds is always included in every lesson.

Weekly lessons are recommended. Students are required to purchase lesson materials, reeds and supplies (as needed). Instruction focuses on developing breathing, embouchure, fingering, rhythmic and articulation skills as well as developing a good practicing habits.

Required Lesson Materials


silk oboe swab

small cup for water to soak reeds (35 mm film canister or similar works great!)

Rubank Elementary Method book

Lesson Documents

The Studio Policy and Lesson agreement will be sent out for signature via Digisigner.

Lesson Information 

What oboe do I need?

Lesson Rates

$40 per half hour

$55 per 45 minutes

$75 per hour

Lessons take place at my home studio in Sun Valley (La Tuna Canyon), California. I am also available to teach via Zoom.


Practicing to become a musician is like doing homework for school and is very important to your growth as a musician. To reach your full potential, you should practice at least half an hour a day if you are a beginner and at least an hour if you are more advanced. You will find that the more you practice, the better you get, and the more fun you will have!

“We first appreciated Victoria Sabonjohn last winter as a performing oboist. She, and an LA Philharmonic harpist, accompanied our school’s Madrigal Singers in our winter holiday program. Our son had just realized he was an oboist and we were tolerating the early stages of his development. At that winter performance we thought “now THAT is how the oboe is to be played.” A dream for a teacher of that quality has realized itself and Mrs. Sabonjohn has helped our son progress from a beginner to the highest level band at his school over a six month period. Mrs. Sabonjohn is a knowledgeable instructor for wind instruments who also works well with children. Her passion for music and zesty personality make lessons that much more enjoyable.” -Velinda Paranal, MD

“My son loves his teacher, Victoria Sabonjohn, so much! She makes her lessons relatable to other interests in his life and she has such a contagious enthusiasm for music and his progress as a student. Mrs. Sabonjohn makes the lessons fun while still tending to the complexities of learning to play his instrument. Her encouragement helps him to not be afraid to try new things. Victoria Sabonjohn is a talented musician who has a gift for teaching.” -Ashley Fleming